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By now, you must know that I’m on Pinterest and I get a lot of my ideas from everything on there. However, I do try to put my own take on them. Like the anniversary date canvas art that I found. Now, I like the white background but I didn’t want that for our Master bedroom (which just got re-arranged).

DSCF5164 DSCF5165







So, off to Michael’s we went for the items I needed. I picked up a 22×28 canvas, the numbers I needed for our 10.06.11 wedding date, paint and glue. I couldn’t wait to start on the project, but I knew I had too. I started the project when Eli went down for his morning nap. I was able to paint the canvas all black and get the tops of the letters painted with the silver metallic paint. I was hoping to finish it in a day, but that didn’t happen because Eli didn’t want to take his afternoon nap. We had a grump the rest of the day.

DSCF5166 DSCF5167







I was able to finish painting the sides of the numbers and a second coat on the top of them. I’m thankful because the paint dried so quickly I was able to get them glued to the canvas before Eli woke up from his nap. I didn’t read the directions as thoroughly as I should have because they clearly said that as the glue dries it expands. Whoops. I had some touch ups to do but that was my own mistake and it still came out perfectly. I didn’t take a picture of the gooey glue oozing out from the letters so you’ll just have to imagine it. :)

Here’s the completed art hanging up. Now, my husband will never forget our wedding anniversary. HAHA