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I’ve been wanting a new entry table because the little book case we had just wasn’t right for the space. It worked but I didn’t like it…which means it needed to find a new home.

We had gone to a couple Leesburg, VA antique stores looking for a new entry table. We came across a couple of possibilities, but nothing that I fell in love with. So a couple weeks went by and my husband is looking for new antique stores that we haven’t been to yet. He comes across Caroline Street in Fredericksburg, VA. Score! There are a ton of stores so they have to have something!

We probably went through ten stores and I’m starting to feel defeated. I know it’s not a normal size that we are looking for but it has to be somewhere. I’m now thinking it would be easier to just make it ourselves (if we had all the proper tools – which we don’t). We go up a side street where my husband spots Fredericksburg Antiques store. I walk around the store and they had some things that could work but nothing I had to have. So I go upstairs to see what else was there. I had walked around the entire upper floor and at the last part I see the prefect table. So I measured it…and it’s prefect. I didn’t like the color but that’s so easy to change and the price was good ($60). So I take a picture so I can show Chris. He likes it! Finally!!!

Entry Table 1

Not only did we find the prefect piece for our entry…but it’s from 1866. Now that’s awesome. Now it’s time to think of how I want it to look. Unfortunately, I don’t want to keep it original. I suggested a matte white finish and Chris suggested a gray finish. I love the idea of that, so that’s what we went with.

I had to wait until the weather was okay. By the way, always make sure to check the temperature and the humidity outside before starting projects. I checked the temperature but not the humidity. Oops.

Entry Table 2

I sanded down the piece a little just to make sure the paint would stick. After I sanded the table, I took a lightly damp sponge and wiped off the dust. I made sure to dry the table afterwards.

Entry Table 3

I did one coat and then waited until the next day to do the next. It turned out great and it’s not prefect. I don’t want it to be and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I did make sure to keep the furniture maker and year clear of any paint.

Entry Table 4Entry Table 5

We now have the prefect little entry table for our small space. Now … what’s next?!