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Pinterest!! Have I said how much I love Pinterest? I could get into some serious trouble. Thank goodness I have *some* self-control!

I found this red charger plate at Michael’s for a very reasonable price. So in the cart it went. I was thinking of just using the chalkboard spray paint, but I wanted it to be… well… prefect. So I picked up chalkboard paint in a bottle and various sizes of foam brushes (I can never have too many of these).











This took an afternoon because you have to wait an hour between the coats. Easy enough! I did one coat in one direction and waited the hour and did the second coat in the other direction.


Now I already have a lot of scrapbooking supplies because that’s another activity I love working on. So I went shopping in my craft room for lettering and Christmas related stickers. Normally I’m not a gold person, but it looks great on the red. I also used Christmas stickers (I’m still not sure if I love them but they will stay for now).