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I have had two sets of cookie cutters for about 5+ years now and I kept them in the packaging that I bought them in. It was a pain in the rear end to get them to fit back in after I used them. I bought some great storage containers from Target for about $5. I sorted them by holiday, shapes, objects,  animals and letters & numbers. I didn’t label them right away because I didn’t feel like it and I was using the holiday cookie cutters for christmas.

Fast forward after christmas with buying another island (now I have 3 islands in my kitchen), my new KitchenAid mixer, moving things around to have a coffee corner with coffee mugs hanging and my recipe box out in the open. Now was the time to customize my cookie cutter containers and my recipe box.

I love my Cricut. It’s awesome and I don’t get to use it enough. I made some labels and used some scrap paper that I used from another project to keep it simple. I used light blue paper for the receipt box and burlap scrapbook paper for the containers.









I used my modpodge and a small sponge brush to apply it to the containers and recipe box. This was a simple project that I was able to complete while my son was content because I woke him up using my cricut (whoops!). I didn’t take any before pictures because I forgot. I did take middle and after pictures. :-)









Until next time!

PS – The link attached to this post is in no way sponsored by the company. I only linked their product so you, my readers, can see what I use.