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Back in 2013, I really wanted to paint our kitchen since it was still white and needed some color and I really wanted a magnetic wall. The only problem was I didn’t fully think it through or fully read the directions on the paint can. Fast forward two years and here I am, correcting my mess up! Ahh, the joys of DIY semi-failure :)

I will admit that the idea actually came from my (hopefully one day) sister-in-law. She suggested a magnetic/chalkboard wall and I knew exactly what I had to do. It took a while to actually want to start the project though, mostly since I really wasn’t looking forward to it. The dust and it probably taking a couple of days to start and finish the project. Oh I was already dreading the project.

Well, one day, I started sanding the wall down by hand since I finally got the nerve to start this project. I, again, didn’t fully think that part through either. I’m not sure what I was thinking about doing it by hand. I hit pause on this project for 5 months. :(

It took going to a water splash area with a fellow mom / friend to get me wanting to actually finish this project. I’m so thankfully for those couple of hours with her! But man, did I kick it into high gear after that. I finished sanding the wall down (by hand), vacuumed and cleaned the floor and painted the kitchen color on the wall. We had to go back to Lowes to pick up magnetic paint since the one I originally bought two years ago dried up (oops!).








I painted four thin layers of magnetic paint (I painted an extra layer just to be sure) and a layer of chalkboard paint. It was truly prefect. I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. I had to recruit my wonderful husband in to cut the wood for the frame though. That took a little and we did mess up a little.















Aside from messing up some cuts and my caulking not so great, I am still very happy with the finish. Maybe with our next project we’ll purchase the proper tools needed, like the proper type of hand saw used for cutting wood and not laminate. :)


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