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I feel in love with a project that the Shanty2Chic sisters did. So I showed my dear hubby the photo and told him I wanted to do this. Well, that’s as far as the conversation went for a while. Then last weekend we decided it was time to do the project. I could not have been more thankful and more excited!!







We started off really strong. We agreed on the measurements and the placement of the holes that needed to be cut for the bottles. We got our wood pieces cut and then, time to cut the holes. Bam…first problem. What we had to cut the holes wasn’t working the way we had thought it would. Bummer. So Chris had to go to the local hardware store to pick up exactly what we needed ($27 later). It still took a while to get the holes cut because we didn’t charge the drill batteries long enough… oh jeez. Thankfully, we had a plug in drill that he used to finish the job.







So after Chris got the holes cut, I had to drop a bomb on him. I wanted to create a napkin holder on one side. So a new piece of wood needed to be cut. Actually, he was totally fine with it. I think he was secretly enjoying cutting all the wood with the miter saw.







Umm, did I mention that I got to use a nail gun?! Greatest tool ever really and it’s battery powered. :) We did use a sandable wood glue to join the pieces together and then nailed them together.  It turned out amazing but it’s not fully complete. It still needs to be painted or stained or both. So I took a couple of days to really think about it. I did fill the nail holes with wood filler.







I thought about it for 4 days before I knew what I wanted. I used inspiration from my World Market Mason Jar collection. Seriously, the color they chose is gorgeous! Thankfully, it wasn’t hard to find a color to match it either. Now, I’m not sure what color this spray paint is because I didn’t see a name anywhere on the can, but it’s so pretty! Oh and the cat posing is Dark Knight. :)







I spray painted the milk bottles with my trusty frosted spray paint and spray painted the napkin flower centerpiece with white spray paint first. I did that since I wanted it to have the same look as the mason jars and once that dried, I painted the gorgeous blue color over it.







I seriously couldn’t be happier that 1) Chris and I completed a project without any issues between us and 2) it came out better than I have ever imagined!


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