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It’s been 3 months since my last post and it has been a long time. Eli is now a year old. He walks very fast but is not running…yet. I’m still not working out at all. I do eat smaller portions at all my meals, so that has helped a lot. I don’t feel like I’ve gained any weight but more like I’ve lost some. I still haven’t stepped on a scale to see if anything has changed, but my clothes are fitting better! So, I’ll take that as a positive thing any day.

A good friend of ours invited me and Eli out to a spray ground area for kids. I’m pretty confident that Eli will take after me with regards to water. He didn’t want to leave it when they turned the water off for a little. Not even for food…and that boy will do anything for food. :) I’m looking forward to being able to take him to the pool soon. I think he’ll really love that.

I finally got around to that wall in the kitchen that I started sanding but never finished. That post will be put up soon. We finally got the color to our bedroom to fix all of holes in the wall. It matches, but at certain angles you can definitely see where the new paint is. That’s what we get for throwing away paint cans and not getting the information off of it.

My husband mentioned doing to re-design of my website soon. It definitely needs it, but there is no time frame on when it will happen. I hope to get back to updating my website every week, but I have to get Eli to sleep in his room again for both his naps and bedtime. He is taking a nap in there today which is why I had time to update here.

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