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I know I’ve been teasing about this project for a couple of weeks now and I’m so glad that I get to share the completed project. I found the window at Leesburg Court of Shoppes, LLC in Leesburg, VA. I wasn’t exactly looking for one at that moment, but I’m so happy that I came across it. I knew exactly want I wanted to do with it, except the color.

I didn’t think of a color until like a week later. I had been visualizing colors in my head. I thought of blue and green but I have already used those colors. Then… BAM! Red. That’s the color. I told my husband the color and he just looks at me like I’m crazy. Of course he does because he can’t really imagine how things are going to look. That’s okay and thankfully he trusts me even if he can’t picture it.

So now I needed to think of the supplies I need and who I needed to borrow things from. Thankfully my father-in-law lives 5 minutes away.

Caulk gun and caulk
Spray paint in Red
Chicken wire
Chalkboard paint
Mirror-glass paint
Frosted paint
Picture hanging stuff
Various tools listed throughout post

First thing I needed to do was remove the glass panes. At first I was taking a flat head screw driver and removing the pieces of dried caulking that were really loose. Next, I took a razor blade, small-tiny screw driver and a hammer to remove the remaining dried caulking. I angled the screw driver so I could get all of it out a little faster.

img_1763 img_1764 img_1765









Now very carefully I turned the entire window upside down (or right side up). I took the flat head driver and with light taps with the hammer broke the seal between the frame and glass all around. I was able to remove 5 glass panes still intact with only one breaking in two pieces. Yay me!!

img_1995 img_1994 img_1993









Now I tried cleaning off the dried caulking on the glass panes by soaking it in water, soaked a couple cotton balls in nail polish remover and rubbing alcohol but none of it worked. I’m not looking for perfection, so the fact that the panes weren’t completely clean was fine with me.

Now it was time to sand down the window frame to get it smooth. I borrowed the electric sander from my father-in-law. I went through 3 220-grit sanding pads. I did clean the frame off with a lightly damp towel after I was done. Now, I was going to wait to paint it but since my sweet son was being so good watching his Sesame Street episode, I went ahead with it. I did two coats on the back and two coats on the front.

img_2054 img_2055








I took my glass panes outside and set them up so they could get painted. One was getting a mirror like finish, chalkboard and two were getting frosted. Always read the directions on the products you use. The mirror like spray required at least 5 light coats while the other products only required two.

img_2061 img_2062 img_2063









I did have an awful thing happen. I wanted to do another coat on the chalkboard and when I did that the temperature dropped because of a big gust of wind….and this happened!

I was so upset at what I did. Had I just left it alone it would have been okay. But nnnnnoooooo! I just HAD to mess with it. I told my husband what happened – here’s the conversation.

IMG_2114 IMG_2115 IMG_2116












Thankfully I had that extra glass pane. So I took my project indoors and downstairs in the basement. Everything is okay. Project back on track.

I bought this drawer handle from Lowe’s but turned it upside down on the frame. It’s where I keep the chalk.

Now it’s time for the chicken wire. Seriously, my least favorite thing or product I should say. It’s not exactly the easiest thing to work with and my way of doing it probably wasn’t either. Is the project completed now? Yes. Am I happy with it? Yes!

For the chicken wire, I cut a fairly decent size of it so I had enough to work with. I took the smallest nails I had and with A LOT of patience (wish was getting less and less) I was able to secure it to the frame. See pictures below.

img_2079 img_2080 img_2081









Next I took the completed panes and placed them into their proper locations. I did have to chip away a little more of the frame, more like dried glue/caulk, to get them to fit and thankfully it was all in the back so you can’t see it. Now it’s time to secure them. Time for the caulk gun.

I cut the caulking tip a little too big, so it got a little messy. No big deal though. I’m certainly not looking for perfection (even though I do try). I used my pointer finger to smooth out the caulking to make it a little better. Wait for this to dry completely.

img_2084 img_2085








Now time to hang it!! Select the type of hanging hardware you’d like and select the placement on the frame. I found these at Michael’s craft store by the picture frames. I placed them in the middle of each glass pane and just screwed them in. So simple.

IMG_2146 IMG_2147 IMG_2148









Measure the distance between the hangers and mark the distance on the wall where you want to hang it. I used two medium size nails and hammered them into wall.


Isn’t it beautiful!? I’m completely in love with my entry now. Is it Christmas time yet?! :-)


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