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Clearly, I suck at updating my blog post. I’d love to say I’ll get better, but lets face it, that’s not happening! LOL

Time for a quick little update. We’ve had some projects going on. Like we started (and completed) our table centerpiece with napkin holder. It still looks awesome. I love it… I just wish there was a fairy that would come and restock it every night. Oh wait, that’s me. :)

August was pretty busy. We completely re-painted our basement so our son has another room to destroy (which he does on a daily basis). It took us the entire month to complete. There was A LOT of painting going on after 7 pm. We are so happy with it and to be able to actually use the space again has been fantastic. Oh and I no longer have a craft room. Chris and I share a corner of our basement as our workspace for work. I’m thankful that we enjoy working next to each other. I hope to be posting that sooner rather than later. Lots of photos but a huge transformation.

I also tackled re-painting our main floor (but not the kitchen). That took all of September but damn was it worth it. It went from a brown that (seriously) matched our couch and recliners to a beautiful light grey. It lightened up our main floor so much that I “forget” that our dining room light doesn’t work. :) Oh and in the middle of that happening, I got professional pictures taken for my site and social media accounts. They were taken by the talented Amanda of Amanda Juliet Photography. I’m super excited that she is taking our yearly family pictures at the end of this month!!

But besides my news, family and friends have had some awesome moments. My sister-in-law recently had a baby girl! I’m so excited to get some baby loving since I’m not ready for another one of my own, yet. Our friends DJ and Joyce recently (like this past Saturday 10/3) got ENGAGED!! Congrats to my SIL and the newly engaged couple, we love you all so much! :)