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I’ll admit that I’m totally in love with Pinterest. That’s where I get a lot of my ideas (feel free to follow me here). I may try to do the projects I see like how they did or I’ll switch it up and put my own spin on it.

At first, I wanted to do this sign with real leaves but that didn’t work out so well. Thankfully, I love scrapbooking so I always have plenty of paper on hand. I had a couple of different designs I could choose from but I decided to go ahead with the leaves design. That way I could use it for the entire fall season.

Now I needed my supples.
Mod podge
Foam brush
Scrapbook paper (of your liking)
Ribbon (of your choice)
Wooden letter (available at craft stores)


I know the letter won’t fit on the paper in one piece, but I can position it so I only have to use on paper. Now positions the letter right side down and trace. Now take the part that you couldn’t fit and place it on the paper and trace that.














Now you’ll need to cut out the shape of the letter that you just traced so it’ll fit onto the wooden letter perfectly.

Now you’ll need to take your mod podge and the foam brush and put a thin layer on the paper that you just cut out. Now place the paper on the letter and smooth it out so there are no bubbles.

Know that you have the paper on the letter you want to brush a thin layer of mod podge over the paper. I used my cricket machine to create the welcome lettering. I used colors that went with the paper design. I used the same technique on getting it to stick.

I cut the ribbon to a certain length because we have pep-hole on our door that I didn’t want to block. So depending on how high or low you want your sign to hang will determine the length of your ribbon. After I cut it, I looped it through the top hole and tied it in a bow.
















And voilà! Simple, easy and fairly cheap (if you already have all the supplies).